What we show in 2021 Sinopack 2021-03-20

The first Sinopack exhibition in 2021, the beginning of everything recovery in spring, this exhibition gathered more than 1600 exhibitors. In order to participate in the exhibition smoothly, all the staff of the company devoted their full efforts and cooperated with each other to show the latest technical products of our company.

The exhibition ended in three days. There are relatively few foreign friends who still come to the exhibition site during the epidemic. However, compared with the exhibition last year, many domestic manufacturers have basically come to the scene, and the exhibitors such as packaging products and materials, comprehensive packaging and food packaging also walk around and communicate with each other. Through the exchange, we found that there are mountains visiting our exhibition booth Hawthorn, pistachio, chocolate, rice, tea, spices, sauces, pet cans and other food factories, and the colleagues of related equipment have come to communicate a lot, and we have expressed recognition and appreciation for our [people-oriented] concept and product technology!

During the exhibition, many customers are very interested in our products, and they will understand the performance and characteristics of the products and the whole line supporting scheme to the sales staff. They have expressed that after the exhibition, they send us the detailed product requirements and samples.

The exhibition has successfully completed the sales and publicity tasks, and demonstrated our strength and competitiveness to the customers and peers through this exhibition. Our company has not the longest history in the same industry, but it is a company with rapid development and dare to innovate technology. Thank you for your customers who come to the exhibition site. We will continue to innovate and bring better products to our customers!

Our company has displayed the granular can packaging line and precision screw cap machine, which just meets the demand of small and medium-sized enterprises' boss for development and low cost. Please refer to the video below.

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